Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Sho Nuff Knows Boss

I must be some kind of glutton for punishment. I keep banging my head against the same wall.  White privilege must be dismantled if there is any hope that one day we may reach a point of a post racial society.  I recently wrote Gay, White, and Male Still Equals privilege and the comment thread is full of denial and hatred.  Moderating it made my head hurt.  When I thought that things could not possibly be any worse I wrote Go Ahead Say Nigger.  That post was linked to by a white supremacist site and the white sheets came out in full force.

Womanist Musings continues to have troll infestations because I refuse to be silenced.  I refuse to pretend that whiteness is meant to lead, or is in any way superior to me.  What I find interesting is the lack of imagination used in all of the counter attacks, I'm angry, ignorant, talking about all white people, racist, clueless, etc and etc,. For all of the power that whiteness has, the excuses that it uses for maintaining it are just tired and old.

To all of you OH NOEZ people; if it is not about you don't make it about you. Understand that when I am speaking about whiteness, I am referring to it in a systemic sense.  While you may feel that you are not racist, you are certainly not colour blind; so don't give me the bullshit about how you don't see colour.  Everything in your upbringing has taught you to not only see colour, but to assign  value based judgements. 

The ability to quote Dr.King pre 1963 does not mean that you are down with the struggle.  Pointing out your black friend is like introducing your pet at a dog park.  Approaching me with slang, thinking that you are speaking "my language" only proves your ability to pander to the lowest common denominator.  Assuming that I like rap, hip hop or R&B just serves  to prove that you believe that all black folk are the same. 

Don't refer to me as articulate, or tell me that I don't sound black.  I went to school just like you did and believe it or not they teach blacks to read, write, and do math...Yeah I know who would have thought eh?  It is further unnecessary to continually refer to the color of my skin.  I own a mirror and I am not shocked when I look in the mirror and see a black face looking back at me.

I am not beautiful for a black girl.  I am a damn gorgeous black woman.  This does not mean you get to go on about how exotic I am, or question were I am really from.  My birth certificate says Canadian and that makes me just as Canadian as you.  Not all blacks got off a boat from somewhere, or are looking to find someone to marry for the sake of citizenship

When you see me with my children, don't assume that they don't have a father awaiting our return.  I know that the media projects the idea that we are all single mothers, but some of us are in happy faithful relationships.  Just because I am a black woman do not assume that I have an open for business sign on my underwear.  Whiteness has taught you that you are irresistible and that all black women crave dick continually, but I will shut you down and publicly shame you, so please for the sake of your own self pride, stick to stroking one out over a porn mag, you will find no satisfaction here.

The poor disenfranchised white man/woman routine simply makes you look ridiculous. I don't care that your cousin/ friend/son cannot get a job as a fireman or police officer. Have you looked at these departments?  They are all overwhelmingly white.  I don't care that you didn't get into the college of your choice either.  There are plenty of lily white campuses for you to attend, where they pretend to be institutions that promote an inclusive environment.

Finally, just admit your privilege. You insult my intelligence every time you deny it or stand on your head to try to explain that it isn't what it looks like.  It must be nice to walk through stores and not be followed.  It must be nice not to be pulled over for driving while white.  It must be nice to see positive representations of yourself in every single social institution.  Privilege is as much a part of your life as breathing; therefore you might as well acknowledge what is obvious to all.

You don't need to wear a white sheet to be a racist, you simply need to spend your life enjoying your unearned privilege while POC struggle to achieve some form of social inequality.  I sho nuff knows boss that life is hard, but truthfully you have no idea how much more difficult it can be when you must face this world as a black woman in a world that values only whiteness.

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