Friday, January 9, 2009

It's A Post Racial and Post Feminist World

Well apparently I am the crazy lady of Womanist Musings.  The idea that privilege should be challenged is simply unbearable to some.

"Wah, wah, I'm so oppressed. All white people are the oppressors, even though they have done nothing to me. None of my struggles compare to yours, even though they are often the exact same. My colour makes them special."

Redemption from what? Being white? From not pandering to your victim complex? This woman is a self righteous asshole

Nope, you're definitely not a bad person for wanting to slap her...hell, I'd like to PUNCH her! She's nothing but a whiny, blame the whites for everything from a hangnail to a bad hair day, bitch. I've no use for people like her

I will never hit a woman. I will shake the shit outta one though."
Yeah, that woman is fucked in the head.

To see yourself spoken so highly of leads to joy. <snark> I bother to post this idiocy to prove a point, the same point I make when I don't delete obviously hateful commentary left by many on this blog.  There are people out there that are openly hostile. 

There are many that would say that the struggles of POC are over now that Barack Obama is president.  There are many that would say that there is no need for feminism now that women are supposedly equal beings. Statements like the above serve the function of proving that there still exists a need to push for equality.

A world that was feminist would not tolerate a space in which others suggest that a woman should be physically assaulted for having the nerve to express an opinion that is different than yours.  A world in which all people are equal would consider the experiences of visible minorities valid and real.  White privilege exists despite your failure to acknowledge it.

Though I have fouled by blog with the commentary posted above, it is worth it if it proves to even one person the insidiousness of intolerance, and our general hatred of difference.  There are structures at work that maintain our dissonance of worth and value and unless we attack them at the root, exposing the ugliness to the light of day, they will continue to function as normalized discourse within our society.

I am "crazy" because I believe that racism and sexism are systemic.  I am "crazy" because I believe we live in a racist, patriarchal, abelist, cisexist, homophobic, ageist, capitalist state.  Mostly I am "crazy" to believe in the true equality of all beings.  Equality is something we profess continuously, after all we live in a democracy (we'll just ignore those that cannot vote due to the racialized penal system). It is easy to quote the words of Dr.King and talk about the fabled mountain top.  It is easy to ignore the high rates of domestic violence, rape, and unequal pay, behind the boys will be boys discourse.  What is difficult, is looking behind the curtain that we have so neatly drawn to hide our inadequacies, and hatred, and admit that we are far from an evolved species.  Dogs don't shit where they sleep and we cannot even stop killing our precious mother earth.

When I think of the daily acts of violence that occur to maintain this horrific system, and I cannot help but wonder how anyone could possibly justify the cost that we are paying.  What kind of inflated self importance is necessary to decide that you as an individual, are worth so much more than the many that you share the planet with.  How does the ugliness of this position not fill you daily with shame? I continually return to privilege on this blog because I believe that it is the heart of everything that is wrong with this world.  It is our desire to maintain unearned privilege that leads to the dehumanization of so many and the destruction of our planet. 

I could fly into a rage and start throwing vitriol left, right, and centre, at those that feel that they have the right to reduce who I am as a human being for their own benefit, but instead I ask you to examine their words closely.  Though they are directed at me, they are not really about me.  They reference the ways in which we have constructed a hierarchy of beings to justify our ever growing apathy. They represent a people so panicked by the idea that the privileges that they have come to take for granted are not natural, but a result of the ways in which we have actively become predators.

I will not apologize for my views, or internalize the hatred of others.  To shrink away quietly would be to admit that we are beyond hope.  The possible is what keeps me blogging and the certain knowledge that there are others determined to do the work required to ensure that we begin to live the love that we are capable of as a species.  Were it not for this hope, the ultimate possibility of change, we would have long ago destroyed ourselves.  Here is to a brighter tomorrow.

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