Friday, January 16, 2009

Racists Play With Leave It To Beaver

In yet another stunning example   of our post racial world, racists have taken a decidedly white sitcom and married it to  their interpretation of blackness.  What I find ironic about this is that original show was decidedly racist in its purposeful erasure of POC and then by adding this virulent commentary over top it serves as evidence of how far we still need to progress to become an equal society.

This video is presented as though it  is comedy.  The idea that blackness can be represented by using the word nigger, and making reference to rap culture is a mockery of who we are as a people.  Is whiteness accurately represented by Leave it to Beaver?  While the makers of this video attempt to hide their racism behind supposed comedy, in actuality it is a concerted effort on the part of whiteness to construct blackness as a daily moronic sambo routine. 

What we are meant to take away from this, is that whiteness  is normal and good.  Whiteness becomes corrupted when it interacts with blackness because African American culture is necessarily ignorant, uneducated, and childlike.  You will notice that the adults are full of disdain for Beavers behaviour.  It is not accidental that Beaver the youngest child is chosen to "play blackness" as blacks have a history of being constructed as childlike to justify the so-called need for paternalistic white stewardship.

There are some that will ask where the hell is my sense of humour. Why isn't this funny ha ha ha?  It isn't funny because these stereotypes are routinely employed by whiteness to ensure its continued hegemony in the race pyramid.   The idea that rap culture can be used as an accurate representation of black culture  is fallacious in the same manner that it would be to use a model of inbreeding mountain people to represent whiteness. 

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