Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The View Takes On Anne Coulter

When colluders of the world finally elect a leader there is no doubt in my mind that Anne Coulter will be crowned queen.  When even Elizabeth (of all people) can see that your arguments are clearly sexist, how can you possibly continue on with the charade that you are anything other than a colluding troll?

I listened as she complained that she was being attacked and I thought to myself, poor little princess can throw a punch but cannot take it.  It seems freedom for the likes of Coulter involves demeaning and attacking the most vulnerable without being accountable for their actions.  She is so busy blaming women that she cannot take a moments pause to consider the ways in which patriarchy creates the conditions that lead to impoverishment of so many.  Were we to choose to support motherhood instead of denigrating it at every turn, the problems Coulter sites  would not be an issue.

Attacking the vulnerable is exactly how right wing neo-cons like Coulter get off.  Though I tried not to be happy when her mouth was stapled shut, I must admit that as I listened to her attack those that need our protection the most, what I wanted was her silence.  Colluders like Coulter are used by the capitalist patriarchy to endure their continued headship.  While she waxed anything but prophetic, her blindness to the fact that the same system that she was defending also devalued her because she is a woman astounded me.  Just because your pedestal has a bit of extra gold on it, does not mean that it is not still a burden weighing you down.   For the good of all women world wide, Coulter shut the fuck up.

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