Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boo Yaa It’s Period Time


I woke this morning and just plain and simply felt icky, sure enough my period had arrived.   I jumped in the shower to clean up surprised that a month had passed so quickly.  When I went to get the supplies (yeah I know I really need to order the DIVA cup) to find that once again the boys had gotten into my tampons and pads.  I keep them in a drawer in the bathroom for easy access and because I don't feel that I should have to hide evidence of my moon time.  The boys have gotten into them on more than one occasion and just as luck would have it, the full box of tampons that I thought that I had was gone.  I don’t even know what the hell they do with them.

At any rate this got me thinking about protection.  When we look at commercials for tampons and pads they are always certain to point out “special features” that prevent leaks.  It reminds me of an incident that occurred when I was about 13.  I was playing around with my brothers and my period started. I was wearing white so obviously the blood was very noticeable.  My mother noticed the blood freaked out and demanded I run straight to the bathroom.  She spent the next half hour trying to make me feel ashamed because I didn’t notice I was bleeding. I was meant to feel even more horrified because my brother might have seen it.

The constant paranoia that women are made to feel for having a period is ridiculous.  Is the world really going to come to an end if there is a little bit of blood on our clothing, or our sheets?  Will it cause people to go running down the street screaming bleeding woman. bleeding woman, lock up your first born there is a bleeding woman?

No more shame…I have kinda had it with that.  It seems the only time I hear about menstruation is when someone is pointing out the best way to hide all evidence of its existence as though it is not a perfectly natural occurrence. What is it about my monthly bleeding that is so vile, that the only thing I can read, see, or hear about it, involves  stuffing something in my vagina . It makes me just want to tell the world, I’m on my period deal with it.

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