Drop It Like It’s Hot

Hey everyone.  It has been another great week of conversations here at Womanist Musings.  Thanks so much for engaging everyone.  Please continue to send in your guest posts.  I can only see issues from my frame of reference and the different positions that guest posts provide allow for a much wider conversation.  Feel free to e-mail in your posts or cross posts.

Tomorrow the WOC and ally carnival will be up at Tell It WOC speak.  Please make sure to check it out and thanks so much to all of you who spread the word.  It is my hope that this will be the first among many successful carnivals to come.

As usual I have a number of interesting links for you to check out.  When you are done going through the list, don’t forget to drop it like it’s hot in the comment section and leave your links behind.

Castro’s Daughter Helps Cuba’s  Transgender Community Come Out Of The Shadows

Thoughts On Feminism, Class and Context

Pretty in Pink

Freedom To… Starve

Was Lincoln A Racist?

I’m a feminist but,

Rambunctious Blood

Are We Ready to Rise Above the “Welfare Queen” Label?

A History Of Menstrual Activism

Feminism, Sex, BDSM & Other Sore Subjects


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