Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flava Flav Awards

Monica of transgriot has a right on post up about Ru Paul.  He is one of those people that need to get on the bus, y0u know the one loaded with the black people I would love to give away. In the comment section I referred to him as Flava Flav in heels.  After much thought, it occurs to me that this could be the start of yet another award that Womanist Musings could bestow upon the idiocy of the world.  I therefore present you with the Flava Flav award.



Now isn’t that a site to make you just want to hurl whatever food you happen to have in your stomach?

Those of you that I speak with more intimately know of my absolute disgust for the blog crunk and disorderly.  I can think of not a single redeeming thing to say about it.  The blog is regularly misogynistic, homophobic, and transphobic.  The authors of Crunk  have yet to find an ism that they are not ready to roll around in to gain hits.  It is for this reason that I believe the very first Flava Flav award should be bestowed upon Crunk and Disorderly.  When you make coonery an every day shtick to gain a few hits, you are an embarrassment to every single blogger of colour who is out there working hard to ascertain our legitimacy and make our voices heard.

I wish you no ill will, but if you must continue to make an ass of yourself on a daily basis, the least that you could do is hand in your black card and get on the bus.  Black people have a hard enough time in this world without people like you making it harder for us to get by.

Say it with me everyone: Get on the bus toot toot!

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