Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prince Harry Knows What Real Blacks Sound Like

image I admit it I follow the ridiculous drama that is England's royal family.  It stared when I woke up early as a kid to watch lady Di get married and my curiosity only intensified when I developed an interest in history.  It seems Prince bigot Harry has decided to become this generations disaster.

Clearly the over privileged fob, has an inflated sense of self, which is no doubt encouraged by the idea that someone is somehow distinctly superior to others based in familial ties.  Ooooh Harry, your shit stinks to.

At the age of 24 it is no longer possible to ignore his commentary as that of a youth unfamiliar with the ways of the world.  He may have had a sheltered childhood however, as man Prince bigot Harry, has had ample opportunity to travel the world and see first hand the ways in which the isms interact to create many as “other” to support a hierarchy of beings. 

Shortly before Holocaust memorial day in 2005, Prince bigot Harry decided it would be fun to dress up in an Nazi uniform. Yeah! Why not poke fun at the 6 million that died in the gas chambers, and the millions that died fighting the evil of the Nazi’s.  One would think that after such a public display of Anti-Semitism, someone would have sat the little bigot Prince down and explained to him, that everything the Nazi’s stood for was wrong.  I supposed being a member of the royal family made it difficult to understand why the concept of racial purity is ill conceived to say the least.

Well he did apologize for the little “stunt”. Lesson learned we thought,  that is until Paki and raghead left the lips of his royal bigot highness.  Why oh why would anyone get offended with that sweet little term of endearment?  He is after all only asserting his royal and white privilege by using racial epithets.

image Finally when I thought I could not possibly feel any more contempt for prince bigot Harry,  it was revealed in the Telegraph that he congratulated Stephen K Amos on his performance by saying, "You don't sound like a black chap."  Well apparently all of us black folk sound the same.

Only an ignorant little bigot like Harry could conceivably think that this is a complement.  He has clearly associated blackness with uneducated, and ignorant.  In this one sentence he revealed exactly how backward he truly believes us (read: blacks) to be.  I find this completely ironic coming from a man whose only claim to fame is being the result of a lucky cum shot and a supposedly royal egg.

We have a tendency to believe that those that live a life of privilege are somehow entitled to it; they have either worked harder, are more beautiful, intelligent, or just plain special.  In Prince bigot Harry we can see that certain ideas have clearly been fostered from birth to naturalize the idea that he and his family are somehow  entitled to look down upon others.  Due to the fact that there is indeed nothing special about the royal family, Prince bigot Harry must fall back upon social constructions to prop up his both unearned and undeserved privilege.

Prince bigot Harry will probably apologise for this latest gaff (read: racist incident), the public will temporarily be enraged and all will soon be both forgiven and forgotten.  The sting will remain amongst the communities of colour that he saw fit to reduce to reinforce his social power.  Enough with the mock rage and false surprise.  When you a raise a child to believe he is better based in race, class, and gender, this is the end result.  Forcing a false apology out of him and patting him on the head does not chastise him in anyway for his behaviour. 

Prince bigot Harry needs to be forcibly reminded that his position is nothing more than an accident of birth.  Continually fawning on his every word and action only reifies in the mind of this under achiever that he is entitled to behave without consequence.  He exists as a shining example of just how skewed our sense of worth and value really is.

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