Friday, February 13, 2009

Radical Feminism

I received an e-mail from Margaret Jamison regarding my response to having my post improperly placed in their transphobic carnival.
I left a comment on your blog, but it didn't take for some reason (appeared then disappeared).  I just wanted to say how terrible I think it is that you write stuff like this:
“I don't think that these women are lunatics, they are simply hateful bitches.”
In your zeal to dissociate from radical feminists and our views, I really don't think it's necessary to resort to using misogynist language against us.  If I can write about transsexuality without calling transsexuals names, surely you can distance yourself from radical feminism without calling radical feminists "hateful bitches"?  We have a difference of opinion.  That doesn't make me a bitch.  But your calling me a bitch - and every other radical feminist too - does say something about *your* character, I'm afraid.  And just because your transsexual friends won't call you out on it (never have seen any of them denounce actual misogyny - just "transphobia" anyway) doesn't mean it's not problematic.  Of course, the fact that your transsexual friends *won't* call you out on it says something about *them* too, but I don't expect anyone other than a radical feminist to understand that.
I notice that she didn’t bother to deny that she and her crew are hateful.   I also noticed that she decided to use the term transexual with the full knowledge that, that term coming from a cisgendered woman is inappropriate.  Of course in her warped logic she is distancing herself without name calling.  She was so busy disciplining me (yeah, I’m a bad, bad girl), that she could not bother to hide her contempt for people who are transgender; which is why I objected to their hateful little carnival in the first place.
Women of her ilk cannot seem to stand that those of us that actually believe in equality find their behaviour detestable.  I could give a rats ass if you call me a patricist, or a sexist.  I will sleep just fine with the full knowledge that I am not welcome in their little coven of inequality.
We don’t have a “difference of opinion”….I don’t believe in using polite terminology to describe what separates us.  Of course only a radical feminist could understand her pain and her suffering…hooo fucking hoo.  Yes I called you a bitch, and I stand by it.  Bitch, fucking bitch, and you know what for full measure bitch again.  Was I clear enough? BITCH.  You can dedicate as many blog posts as you would like to denigrating me, but that will not change my opinion, or force an apology.  For bitch to be sexist, it would have to be uttered in a conversation in which there is a power differential.  Sexism equals privilege plus power, but you would know that if you were really about challenging the patriarchy.

I find it ironic that the same bitches (mmm want to make sure that I get my point across) can refer to trans women as men in dresses, transexuals, continually use the wrong pronoun, have organized to reduce their access access to medical treatment, banned them from Michfest, and generally just deny their humanity, would have the nerve to give me a lecture about using the word bitch.  Of course these radical feminists bitches are filled with a sense of entitlement.  The only form of oppression that counts is theirs.
That's it. We won't call male people female. We aren't hurting them or slandering them in any way (after all, 'male' is not an insult - just a fact, like 'short' or 'hazel-eyed'); we're just not calling them female.
Will these bitches ever get a clue?  It is not for the the person in the position of privilege to decide what is and isn’t hurtful.  If a trans person tells me that being called by the wrong pronoun is hurtful, I believe them.  Who am I to stand in judgement of another persons feelings, especially when I am not in the body of the one being attacked?  Radical feminists cannot see that.  They run around expecting every one to tow their line and refuse to bestow upon others basic  human decency.
Did anyone else notice her complete erasure of trans men from her dense little tirade?  Of course Rad fems find them acceptable because they refuse to acknowledge their masculinity.  Trans men are allowed to perform at Mich fest, a supposedly woman identified space…anyone see the contradiction there?  These women that are so into fighting the patriarchy are allowing men into their hallowed space while denying entry to fellow women. 
I cannot even begin to wrap my head around their ridiculous reasoning.  Rad fems are bitches not only because they denigrate trans gender women, but because they feel that they have the right to speak on behalf of a movement that does not solely belong to them.  Your understanding of justice and equality is simply about creating a new hierarchy of beings in which you are at the top rung of the ladder.  What the fuck is so damn radical about recreating systems which we already know to be dangerous? 
Radical is believing that beings are equal and deciding that unequivocally all people matter?  Radical is fighting for all of those who are oppressed by our warped system of values. 
Since I am running out of congeniality, I will end simply by saying, you can have an apology when you make the radical decision to stop being hateful bitches.

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