Sunday, February 1, 2009

Starting The Feminist Dog Uprising

As well as writing Womanist Musings, I also spend a fair bit of time reading feminist blogs, or blogs written by women.  I have noticed that feminist bloggers have a tendency to openly displaying their love of cats.  Liss, over at shakesville goes as far as to post a daily kitty.  Of course once again I find myself on the other side of the coin as an avid dog lover.

When I questioned Cara of the Curvature about her attachment to teh kitties she pointed out that “dogs are mans best friend”.  Cats it seems are independent, cute and a wee bit dangerous, to some they make a natural feminist ally.  We dog lovers aren’t just dupes of teh mehnz, we are freeing dogs from patriarchal oppression.   After requesting that feminist dog lovers come out of the closet on twitter, I was delighted when five women joined me in solidarity.  Before this twitter admission the only other “out” dog loving feminist that I knew of was Jessica of Feministing.

I pointed out through twitter to Cara that by privileging cats, no matter how cute the little fur balls are, we are creating a hierarchy of oppressions.  The suffering of dogs needs to be realized. 

Let’s think about the similarities for a moment, many men view women as image possessions while at the same time referring to dogs as mans best friend.  While this may seem like a friendly association, friend is a misnomer for barking, fury, submissive slave.  Dogs are trained to come, sit, and heel on command.  They are constructed as a threat when they follow their natural animal instincts, anything to keep them submissive to their lord and master.  Does this remind you anything…well does it?…

It is time for dogs and feminists to unite.  Yes, I said it.  Loving dogs is a feminist act.  Some would say that I am reaffirming our binary approach to pet loving by acknowledging that we see this as cats vs dogs however, taking this approach allows feminists to ignore the ways in which they have privileged cats. Think about how many times you have seen cats featured on feminist websites vs dogs.   Cara from Feministe and the curvature is most unapologetic in her cat elevation.  Cats exist with unearned privileges and it is ironic that we feminist who spend a great deal time challenging privilege should be so blind to the ways we have been indoctrinated by the kitty collective.  We have become borg like in our affections.

image You too can come out of the doggy closet, there is no need for shame.  I know that patriarchy has constructed dog love as masculine but they do so to continue in their rule unchallenged.  How cute is that sweet little dog.  I know that you are imagining the doggy kisses…admit it.  There is a dog that fits every lifestyle and inclination all you have to do is join the doggy revolution.

Say it with me hey hey ho ho feminist cat lovers have got to go. Didn’t that feel liberating?  Deep down you know it did.  No more passive aggressive support of cat nap addiction.  No more injuries from cats as they scratch us when we pet them.  No more being slaves to cats as they seek to rule over us.  From now on there will be equality, love and partnership.  The dog revolution is here to stay.  Feminist cat lovers may attempt to silence us, or question our true intentions but do not be dismayed we owe it to an entire species to demand that our tail chasing, furry friends get their day in the sun.  Remember every bitch is female too and what are we saying if we just hand them over to the patriarchy?

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