Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Shame: I’m Running Away From Home

Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I have done a Sunday shame post.  Even I occasionally run dry when it comes to new material.  At any rate here is my latest shame.  I was listening to the song, the way the other day and I suddenly found myself identifying with the lyrics.

You see I was trying to have a Calgon moment while the kids were screaming at such a pitch that I was desperately hoping for their testicles to drop.  Yep, come puberty neither one of them will ever be able to reach that ear splitting, stab an knife through your eye pitch again. 

So anyway, back to the way.  The song is all about running away and the second verse starts off with the words, “the children woke up and they couldn’t find us, left before the sun came up that day”.  It was then that I revived an old childhood fantasy.  I want to runaway and join the circus.  

image As much as society tells us that mothers are supposed to be quiet and supportive at all times, when I find myself standing in my living room  screaming, “nobody touches anybody in this house ever again”, as the boys try and mush each other, I want to pack my bags, ditch it all and run away and join the circus.

I have no skills, no special talent, but something about this idea seems oddly soothing.  When I mentioned my plans to join the “big top” to Destruction, he quickly informed me that he has plans to follow me.  See that, even in my oddball fantasies I don’t get a moments peace.

Okay your turn, what nutty behaviour makes you want to ditch it all, or what are your oddball fantasies?  Your turn to share.

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