Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That’s It Fuck The Pope

I have always tried to be respectful in my criticism of the Pope and the Catholic church, but this week the Holy asshole has gone to far.   First he reversed the ex communication of a holocaust denier and now he has promoted an Austrian Bishop who called Katrina Gods punishment.  Gerhard Maria Wagner, 54, is to become auxiliary bishop in the Austrian city of Linz.

According to the Guardian, In 2005, he wrote in a parish newsletter that Hurricane Katrina was an act of "divine retribution" for the sins of a sexually permissive society.

He said it was worth considering whether environmental catastrophes should not be seen as a result of "spiritual environmental pollution" - a type of "divine retribution" for New Orleans' relaxed attitude towards sexual promiscuity and homosexuality.

"It is surely not an accident that all five of New Orleans' abortion clinics, as well as nightclubs were destroyed," he wrote, adding: "It's not just any old city that has gone under, but the people's dream city with the 'best brothels and the most beautiful whores'."

This is the kind of man that the Pope feels should represent Catholicism.  I won’t even spend my precious time breaking down exactly what is wrong with the arguments presented by Gerhard Wagner, if you don’t know from reading the above quote you share his idiotic issues.

While these fundies are busy making pronouncement about others they cannot figure out why week after week church attendance is dropping.  At the rate they are going the fucking Anti-Christ would have to plop his evil ass down in Times Square to bring people back to the church.  The bible as a document is problematic as it is filled with  contradictions, we can certainly don’t need to   add any more human idiocy with ridiculous pronouncements and hateful declarations.

The hypocrisy of the actions of the Vatican is simply stunning.  How can you supposedly represent God/Goddess and yet continually project such intolerance and hatred towards the God/Goddess creations?  It simply does not make any sense; it defies logic and explanation.  In the end, the Pope is turning Christianity into nothing more than a perversion of everything that I consider holy. What is there left to say but FUCK The Pope. Fuck your ignorance, fuck hypocrisy, and fuck your hatred.  You bring no blessings to this earth.

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