Monday, February 2, 2009

Vatican Official Blames Radical Feminism For The Decline Of Manhood

Church officials cannot seem to stop broadcasting their bigoted and highly limited thought to the world.  In the latest pronouncement we learn that feminism is to blame for the ills of the world.  Feminism has encouraged women to believe that we have the right to exist as autonomous beings.  Of course we should ignore the obvious bias hanging between his legs, as he pontificates about the natural order

German Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, president of the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum,” the Vatican dicastery (or administrative agency) on charity, aid and relief, blamed “gender mainstreaming” and “radical feminism” for attacking biological manhood and insisting that “sexual roles are learned.”

He said men are demeaned and what is held up as an ideal is a man who is feminized and emasculated, one who, in a European study, is held up to be “a sweeter man.”

A sweeter man is somehow an affront to society; damn those uppity feminists denying male headship.  Behaviour is not something that is natural to any  individual; from the moment of birth when the doctor announces it’s a boy, we begin to genderize the body.  From the male name, to the blue clothes, we teach children what it is to perform their gender.  If this were not case we would not spend so much time socially disciplining little boys who display what we deem to be feminine behaviour.  Ask any little boy who asserts a desire to dance, play hop scotch, or jump rope, how he is treated by his peers.

We should all further ignore the fact that the traits that we demand that little boys adopt also lead to and maintain patriarchy.   To Cardinal Cordes the idea that this is purposeful is damaging because it realizes the purposeful nature of the gender hierarchy under which we all live.  Man is only demeaned by the thought of equality with woman because we have decided that masculinity is preferable to femininity.  The Cardinal is not even arguing for separate but equal, his arguments are based in the idea that a society that privileges masculinity is ultimately natural and beneficial to all.

He said a Catholic Charities survey in the United States showed that 24 million children are living in homes without a father. He said “fatherless boys are twice as likely to be in prison; they are more likely to drop out or be expelled from school; they account for 63 percent of suicides, and 90 percent of those who run away from home.”

“We have grown accustomed to hearing about legislation undermining the role of the father, such as adoption by gay so-called ‘parents,’” Cordes said. “A bill passed recently in Britain (‘Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill of 2008’) allows two lesbians or single mothers to conceive a child without a father; all that is needed is ‘supportive parents.’

He presents some alarming statistics for fatherless boys but negates to point out our social culpability….once again the uppity wimminez are failing.  Perhaps if we invested in things like socialized daycare programs, ensured that children do not  grow in poverty, increased funding for education and supported motherhood, it would not be as difficult to raise a child alone.   Whether you are in a two parent household or a single parent household, we do do very little to support families.

You will also take note of the fact that just like all bigots, his hatred comes on multiple levels.  The special wimminez (read: lesbians) are to be particularly disdained.  Certainly a child would be better off as a ward of the state, floating from foster home to foster, or in an orphanage, than with one person who is willing to dedicate a great portion of their lives to them.  Oh the audacity!  What child would benefit from growing up in a home where they are loved and cared for?  We must stop the evil matriarchy from continuing to love children because  that is the greatest evil happening in the world, not wars, pestilence, or famine, but uppity wimminez choosing to share their lives with a child.

Though cardinal Cordes does not speak for all Catholics, the continual homophobic and sexist commentary being issued from the Vatican are a disservice to their faith.   It presents Catholicism to the world as a religion so wrapped in archaic beliefs that it appears increasingly intolerant and irrelevant. The degree to which these so-called men of God regularly flout the love of God in an effort to maintain a social hierarchy that has proven damaging on many levels,  is an affront to all of those who understand just how precious each and every single one of is.   I don’t even recognize the God that the cardinal claims to speak on behalf as the deity that Jesus preached about. 

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