Saturday, March 28, 2009

If You Support Trans Rights Some Rad Fems Declare You A Dickist

Though I probably should not give this bitch a second thought, I simply cannot stand being called out for having the nerve to believe that all people are created equal.  Aroo otherwise known as the trans bigot Margaret Jamison and her radical feminist drones have once again gone on the attack.

Earlier this week I wrote a post in support of Sarah Gronert, an intersex tennis player.  I fully believe that because Sarah has identified as a woman she is one.  Of course Nicky rushed over to share his trans hate.

As an intersex, I can the main complaints come from the transgender community because the transgender people are jealous and very envy of the fact that Intersex people are accepted by women than transgender do. The one thing you have to remember is that the transgender people and community will co-opt and take advantage of every thing and claim it as one of their own.
As an intersex person, I do support Sara gronert and as an intersex person, she has every right to play with who ever and for any trans thinking this is their issue, they need to take a hike and beat it because this is an intersex only issue

Obviously this goes without saying that this is trans hate.  Due to the fact that I want Womanist Musings to be a safe space for all people, I informed Nicky that such commentary is not welcome on this blog.

Nicky this whole post was written in support of her right to play tennis. There is nothing about that, that displays intersexphobia. I am simply telling you that your trans hate is not welcome on this site. You have no right to decide what constitutes woman period. On this site all people matter and no matter what discrimination you may personally face it does not trump the oppression of another.

Considering the nastiness of Nicky’s comment, I do believe that I was exceedingly polite but in an effort to justify their right to hate, Margaret Jamison declared my commentary hostile.  How fucking original is it to declare the words of a WOC hostile when they don’t agree with your desire to maintain undeserved privilege? If only the bitch had stopped there. ( Note: now I’m getting hostile)

Forcing, or even just requesting, female people and intersexed people who have been classified female (and usually surgically mutilated in the process) to feign some kind of political alliance with transgendered people who are all "yay, gender!" is rude, short-sighted, and anti-feminist.

Okay dimwit, the reason that an alliance is necessary is because all of the isms are related.  Call it sociology 101.  If you privilege one body over another you are only recreating the same conditions that allow you to be “othered” by another segment of society.  The problem is that you seem to feel that you can achieve power by being dismissive or invalidating the rights of another.  Guess what, that is exactly what patriarchy uses to keep women oppressed.  It’s called the Master’s Tools and you bitchy radfems cannot seem to get that through your fucking thick heads.

And in her final onslaught:

But I reckon for the dickists, it's males over any and everyone actually raised female.

So I’m a dickist…now we are creating words to justify stupidity. Yeah I like the dick, that is how I got two male children and I don’t apologize for a single time the unhusband give me a joy ride. I don’t privilege men over women, (note: the blog is named WOMANIST MUSINGS) but the males in my life are important to me and if you had any concept of family and love you would not denigrate a woman for loving hers. 

Trans women are not men and have never been men from birth;  they have only been constructed that way.  If you truly valued women as you spuriously (is that word to big for you dimwit?) claimed, you would welcome and embrace our trans sisters.  The lies and the hatred that you spread are the reason these women are victimized and slaughtered. You have blood on your hands no different than the common murderer or rapist.  You sicken me with your lack of human empathy and compassion and though I believe in neither heaven or hell, I hope that there is a hot seat waiting for your inhumane ass.

Oh btw, I don’t need your echo chamber of a blog to link to me.  Look at the stats bitch, I long ago cleaned your dumb ass clock.  Someone start the countdown, I do believe that is a TKO.

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