Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Izrael The Roots Resident Misogynist

I occasionally read the Root but more and more I have become hard pressed to read the writings of Jimi Izrael.  Clearly the man has had issues with women in his life and he seems to have no problem posting barely contained woman hating, MRA nonsense.  I normally would not respond to his what about the mehnz commentary, but when it is used to belittle domestic violence I must draw the line.

He wants us to know that women initiate violence more than we think.  We only get away with it cause we are less likely to leave physical evidence behind of our brutal assaults.  Well guess what Jimi, there is a huge difference between a woman hitting a man and a man hitting a woman.  While I do not believe that violence is acceptable from either party, it is particularly imbalanced when we consider the weight and height differential between the typical adult male and adult female.

Then when I thought the  man could not sink any lower he decided to tackle the incident between Chris and Rihanna.  Note Izrael, referring to them as Chrianna is dismissive and creates an unnecessary connection between victim and abuser.   Whether or not Rihanna checked Chris’s text messages is irrelevant.  In case you didn’t notice he beat the living shit out of her.   Her body was covered with bruises after his vicious assault.   Do you have any idea of how many women die daily at the hands of men that claim to love them?  Do you have any idea how many times women are raped by their husbands and boyfriends?  

You could have used the large platform that you have on The Root to call for an end to male violence against women.  You could have called on black men to start respecting black women as their equals but instead you decided to talk about how wrong it was for Rhianna to check his messages.  Of all of the things that occurred on that day I dare say that the true violation happened when a grown man decided to use his physical advantage to brutalize a woman.  How you can even fixate on the fact that she checked his messages and use that as an argument to justify what occurred is beyond me.  OOOh I forgot you’re conflicted right?  How conflicted would you be if someone had beaten your mother? Enough with your what about the mehnz nonsense.  At some point you need to see beyond your virulent hatred of women long enough to understand that all people matter. 

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