Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bill O’Reilly On Letterman

Line of the Night goes to Letterman without a doubt.

Letterman:  I wanna tell ya, and this book is a crazy best seller how many weeks has it been on the best sellers list?

O’Reilly: 6 months on the best seller list

Letterman:  See here’s  what breaks my heart about this  because in my mind I think of you as a goon.  But when you look at this picture look at how sweet (Letterman is pointing to picture of Bill as a child on the cover of his book) and adorable that kids is and it breaks my heart because I have a sweet and adorable kid like that at home and I think of great what if he too becomes a goon, ya know

O’Reilly: Do you want me to respond to any of this?

Letterman: No

This of course was the first of many wonderfully barbed comments sent O’Reilly’s way.  I do believe that Dave earned a canned ham for this one.

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