Boo Yaa It’s Period Time


I was thinking today as I put in my tampon about the various products that have been created for a womans vagina.  I do believe that the vagina is one of the most commodified body parts that a human being can possibly possess. There is  always some sort of special lavender smelling wipe or cream that we are pushed to purchase because hey we need our crotches to smell like a field of flowers. Of course female reproductive organs are seen as filthy they do this:

We are always expected to be doing something with it. From stuffing it with tampons to trimming those unruly jungle bushes I don’t believe that any other body part is perceived to be in need of so much work.  If we are continually dissatisfied with the state of our vaginas, we will spend a fortune trying to rectify these socially constructed faults.  Who say patriarchy and capitalism don’t work hand in hand?

Periods and vaginas are something we whisper about unless there is some way that we can make a profit and shame women at the same time.   I have to admit patriarchy is ingenious.  It first creates fear, guilt and shame and then manages to con women into buying useless shit that we don’t need.  Can you even imagine a man being embarrassed by his ejaculate?  We don’t sell special wipes  to stuff in jocks to eliminate the smell that arises after it is worn for any length of time.  A stinky crotch is a right of passage for men.  Any odour that emanates from the vagina is unfeminine… and blood well, that is just the ultimate evidence of exactly how unclean women are. 

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