Thursday, April 9, 2009

Burger King Kids Meals And Baby Got Back Do Not Go Together

After watching this video I am almost speechless.  I suppose they thought that they would go retro with the sexism.   The original song is all about Sir Mix Alot’s love of womens behinds and what he likes to do with them.  Nothing like reducing women to special parts to make a song a hit.  What a perfect message to appropriate to sell hamburgers to kids.   Just to make sure the message translates well of course you have young girls shaking their asses reminiscent of the video and Six Mix a Lot declaring “booty is booty”.

Tell me again that gender is natural.  We don’t spend every single minute indoctrinating these harmful ideas into the minds of children using innocuous cartoon images do we?  It’s just that boys will be boys and girls will be girls right?  When you are a parent dedicated to unpacking the nonsense that society teaches, little commercials like this that seem harmless only serve to reaffirm the constant barrage of images that teach our children that it is okay to devalue people based in gender and that men have the right to sexualize female bodies at will. 

It is meant to be cute, ‘cause hey the butts are square just like that cartoon irritant Sponge Bob however, it still amounts to reducing female bodies to parts for profit.   While we are at, why not have them shake that ever so young booty for the camera; little girls might as well learn from an early age that their bodies are more important than their minds or aspirations, after all patriarchy likes their women dumb and sexy.  Well, considering we already know how bad Burger King is for the body, this is just one more reason to avoid their food. 

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