Saturday, April 4, 2009

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Thanks everyone for all of the great participation this week.  Once again we did not agree on much but as long as we keep speaking about the difficult subjects that very few want to engage with some progress will be made.  I would like to say thanks to all of those who guest posted this week.   If you are interested in cross posting or guest posting feel free to e-mail me or you can find me on twitter.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to submit their posts to the WOC and Ally Blog carnival.  If I can get enough submissions it will once again be posted at Tell It WOC Speak on the 15th of April. Please enter your submissions here.

As usual I have a great list of links for you to check out,please show these bloggers some love.  When you are done, don’t forget to drop it like it’s hot and leave your link behind in the comment section.

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Apache Girls Sunrise Ceremony

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Intersex Separatists, Transpeople Aren’t Your Enemy

Henry VIII “subjugated” by female historians paying attention to wives

we don’t need another anti-racism 101

My Thoughts Always: Let The Beatings Begin  (Extreme trigger warning)

you don’t speak the dunn language (properly)

The Intellectual Space to Be Anti-Male Is Necessary and Desirable

 The Myth Of The Strong Black Woman (This is a must read)

Pulling The Plug On Rape Culture One Word At A Time

“There never was a member so defined…”

Derailing For Dummies

Parental Alienation Tactic: Punishing Parents, Punishing Children

a girl like me


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