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Hello everyone I would once again like to say thanks to all of you who participated in the usual round of vigorous debates here at Womanist Musings. The interaction here has been challenging and I continue to grow from reading your various different and amazing commentary.

I am once again reminding you to get your submissions in for the WOC and Ally blog carnival.  It will be posted on April 15th at Tell It WOC Speak.  Please remember that the posts don’t necessarily have to be solely about race.  I am very much interested in exploring the different ways the isms interact, so race and sexuality, disability, age etc would be just great.

Today at 8pm EST Monica and I will be doing our bi-weekly podcast with the women of Thistle Farms.  image We will be discussing life after sex work.  I look forward to any commentary that you may have so don’t be afraid to call in and join the conversation.  For those that are unable to participate live, I will post the link to the recorded podcast on Sunday.

As per usual below you will find some links to some of the amazing posts that I ran across this week.  Please show the bloggers some love and check them out.  Don’t forget when you’re all done to drop it like it’s hot and leave your link behind in the comment section.

When Transgendered People Are Assaulted Why Do People Make A Joke Out Of If?

Good English

If I Could Accept My Sister Then I Wish The Whole World Was Like That

KKK Revival And The Fox Talking Heads

It’s All About The Cis Women


teach their children to act white

Disability Identified Through “The Boundness Of Pain”

We Ignore These “Small Insults” To Our Peril

Safe sex – it’s just not the kids that are doing it these days

When Are White People Going To Stop Waiting For A Handout?

Quiverfull: An Interview With Kathryn Joyce

Human Trafficking

Between “Mammy” and “Miss Ann”—The “Problem” With Michelle

“Soft pillows of flesh tucked unseen”…

Speak Softly And Carry A Big Dick



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