Glenn Beck Is Todays Worlds Worst Person

In terms of correctly pointing the fear and panic that Beck generates by his alarmist commentary Olberman is spot on.  I do however feel it necessary to point out that once again while proving an important point Olberman has no problem using abelist language.  It is very possible to point out exactly how damaging Becks language is without “othering” the mentally challenged.

Transcript is below the fold:

Glenn Beck, Richard Paploski killed three Pittsburgh policeman on Saturday because he was afraid of [a friend said quote] a gun ban that is on the way and he quote didn’t like our rights being infringed upon.  When several websites correctly pointed out that this seems awfully like one of Beck’s hysterical rantings or maybe his interview last month with the head of the NRA, Beck immediately went back to his usual speed, high stupid dunged.   image


Ah see here is where you go wrong.  You’re not the flight attendant on the plane. Thanks for invoking that image, you Beck are one of the cowards safely on the ground telling the nutjob on the plane that it is time to [quote] “rise up”.  You remember March 19th right? Actually you probably don’t.



And then you proceeded to read a letter from a woman who said that since the election, she’d gone out and bought a hand gun and joined the NRA.  So when you talk about taking your country back and then you read letters from people that are stockpiling guns, do you think these things are unconnected?  That people even crazier than you, who you are encouraging to do something to take your country back, that they have bought these guns as paper weights.  They bought them to shoot other people with. You, you Glen Beck are personally encouraging Americans to shoot other Americans.  Maybe especially if you are right about your religion not this psychotic in Pittsburgh, maybe he’s not your fault.   I hope not but what about the next one Glenn?  You wanna cry about something on television, cry about the next one.  Beg him to ignore you.  Beg the kids the next one orphans to forgive you.  Glenn Beck today’s worst person in the world.

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