Friday, April 24, 2009

Joe The Plumber: Vote Out The IRS

Well it seems that Joe’s big plan is for you to pay a dollar for a vote that counts for absolutely nothing.  Hey, it’s about making a statement right.  Would it not be cheaper to write a letter and for the cost of a stamp send it off to your representative?   It amazes me how this man has managed to spin a two second ignorant question into a career of displaying his inner idiocy to the world. 

image Every vote gets a free t-shirt while supplies last.  How much do you want to bet the number of freebies is extremely small?  He does after all have expenses to pay.  “Out of the 99¢ we charge, approximately 50% goes to the Service Provider MCI, 15% to the Service Bureau that makes sure all the votes are taken and calculated correctly. Other monies go to Administration costs, Advertising etc.”  Sounds like Joe plans to use  the “administration cost” to ensure that he is not reduced to government cheese because his book was a little less than successful. 

In case you are wondering why the hell I am writing about Joe The Plumber, the answer is quite simple really. I believe that his voice is one that we all need to hear.  He represents exactly what the lunatic right wing have been reduced to.  The more exposure these automaton neocons get the better.  I do believe that his shirt could use a new slogan; it should read this is brain on conservatism.  I am quite sure that his latest get rich scheme will be a stunning failure but at least we will have the pleasure of once again watching him fall flat on his face.

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