Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Justice For Angie

image Though I have not written about the murder trial, I have been following the case closely.  I simply did not have anything to add to the conversation.  Today I am happy to announce that Andrade has been found guilty on all four counts and will be spending the rest of his life in prison.

Even though I am happy to know that he will pay for his crime and that the trans panic defence did not work, my joy is bittersweet.  You see, Angies name is still going to appear on the remembering our dead list.  Her light has been permanently smothered and her family will spend a lifetime grieving until they meet with her again in the great hereafter.

While following the trial, I desperately hoped that they would at least receive justice but now I find the moment of truth to be empty and unfulfilling.  Angie was only 18 years old when she died last July 17th.  She had a lifetime of promise ahead of her and each year that goes by I am certain that those who loved her will wonder what she would have achieved, how she would have changed, and how she would have added to the beauty of this planet.  

Trans people face extremely high rates of violence.  Though we have the comfort of knowing that Andrade will pay for his crime, I know that this will not deter the next person that decides to act in hatred.  I have tried to raise awareness through this blog and have cheered the work of various activists globally but it seems monthly I am reading about a new assault or a new degradation.  If  my impatience is visible I cannot imagine how the trans community feels.   I wish that justice for Angie meant that there would be no more deaths as the result of trans hatred.  I wish that it meant that from here on in there would be no more systemic cisgender privilege.  One man has been made for his crime but each day we all participate in a system that continues to devalue people.

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