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 image Mr. Stinky certainly knows what he likes.  For those that are unaware, the Mr.Stinky reference comes from the fact that “the star”, has made it clear that he adores his own scent so much that polluting it with deodorant is unacceptable.  Kinda makes you think twice about letting him eat crackers in your bed doesn’t it? Alpha male arrogance is so unappealing in a man, no matter how many dimples he has or how square his jaw is.

If this was not enough reason to develop a dislike for him, his recent commentary to Elle magazine should push you right over the edge.

ELLE: Barbara Walters seemed to be hitting on you during your 2006 interview, which ended with you rubbing her feet. If you’d both been single, might you have let her have her way with you?
MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY: I would’ve had to tell those cameras to cut.
ELLE: All joking aside…?
MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY: Look, I think Anthony Quinn once said, “There’s something wrong with any heterosexual man under 80 if he can’t find an angle with every woman.” There’s a lot of truth to that.
ELLE: Any woman you can think of who might not be coverworthy, but whom you find attractive?
MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY: Not so specifically, but yeah. And I see it more with black women, who get dressed up and they’re wearin’ everything to fit snug, and they’re walking the walk.
And you’re like, Man, look at you go! Where did you get that? She might be a larger package, but boy, she sure understands how she’s wrapped.

An angle on every woman”, ‘cause we exist to be eye candy.  I suppose he thought women would find it flattering that he has  the ability to dissect womens bodies at will for his own sexual gratification. Gee ladies, that means no matter how plain you are, stinky has an erection with your name on it.

Stinky really needs to give his over privileged head a shake.  I do believe the fumes from his underarms have gotten to his clearly empty cranial cavity.  Sometimes when women dress, believe it or not we do so for our self satisfaction and not for the purposes of being a fluffer.  I know that this is a difficult concept in a patriarchal world that views women as human glory holes but the brains in our heads do indeed function.

His references to black women are completely infuriating.  Not only is he intent on objectifying all women, he finds it necessary to rank us. Black women it seems are not cover worthy, though his ancestors showed more than enough interest in our bodies when they snuck down to slave cabins to rape our foremothers. 

Once again black women are constructed as the ultimate “unwoman”.  We wear tight clothing unlike white women, and we’re the bigger package. Somehow we manage to overcome these shortcoming and understand our innate sexuality. Gotta love it when white men fall back on old stereotypes to project their racist ideals into the world.  I bet stinky would have been drooling at the slave auctions, what with all of the black female flesh available for show.

I suppose stinky thought he was just being the charming loquacious gentleman and did not recognize his commentary as being both sexist and racist.  How could I resist not being charmed by this stunning display of privilege?  It’s almost romantic the way that he can manage to get a woody for even us poor fat black women.  With the way that Black women are constantly craving the dick, it sure is a relief to know that stinky would take one for the cause. 

I am further irritated by his sizeist commentary.  Why is it that the ideal femininity has to be tiny and diminutive?  Is it really necessary for a man to have this teeny little woman by his size to feel properly masculine?  Fat women, like black women are constructed as being socially isolated and grateful for whatever male attention that they get.  I wonder how stinky would react to the knowledge that there are plenty of fat women getting their groove on at will and not all of them are interested in the dick. 

In the end men like stinky are only interested in projecting their inner idiot out to the world without any concern with how hurtful their  language is.  I find it troubling that we routinely elevate men like stinky when they clearly add so little to our society.  Were he not white, male and deemed conventionally handsome, would we really be interested in what he has to say?  Even though what stinky had to say was offensive, what is even sadder is knowing that he will go on to make yet another “feel good date movie”, smile into the camera and women will swoon quickly forgetting how easy it was for him to objectify us.

It is time we begin to hold people accountable and stop supporting those that think that it is alright to casually demean us at will.  Part of stinky’s privilege is given to him every single time we buy a movie ticket.  Though as women we exist with less social power than men, we certainly have enough to make it costly to those that decide that we don’t matter.

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