PETA: We Employ Teh Minorities

As many of you who follow me on twitter already know, we recently adopted a beautiful 4 year old tabby named Darren.  He has quickly become a member of the family, while making it clear that he sets the rules of engagement …LOLZ Katz.  Being the pest that I am, I sent PeTA a tweet announcing the adoption and asked what good they had done for the day other than dehumanizing people at every opportunity. Yeah, you could call me a shit disturber.  

Well of course we ended up going at it once again.   Out of all their privilege denial though the following tweets I think speaks the loudest.



Does this argument remind you of anything?  It sure struck a chord with me.  Does it not seem stunningly similar to the “I have black friends and therefore I could not be a racist argument?”  Yeah, I’m thinking it sounds just like that. 

Hello PeTA officials, you could employ 50 thousand marginalized bodies and that still would not make your racist/sexist/homophobic activities okay.  As an organization that is run by white people you do not get to tell a WOC what is and isn’t racist.  You have neither the experience or the right.  

image Follow me down the yellow brick road and learn some anti-racism 101.  What matters is how your activities are perceived by the people that you are addressing.  That’s right, racism is about those it impacts and not those that perpetuate it to present an ideology.

So, when you decided it was a good idea to dress up like the KKK needlessly triggering POC who have a history of being terrorized by this organization, your intent was meaningless in comparison to how it affected the viewer.   Did you apologize for triggering people, hell no. You defended your right to dress up a white man and woman in white sheets and have them hand out fliers.  It was also a nice touch to have a woman of color defend your hatred.  White people do the crime and then have a minority try to justify it cause hey hearing it from one of “ours” is supposed to legitimate it.

Then to make sure that I was aware of their right to oppress and exploit at will, PeTA ended with the following:



Basically despite the fact that they have been repeatedly informed that their methods of engagement are offensive, their ideology takes preference over anyone that might have a legitimate right to be offended.   It is far easier to put your fingers in your ears and deny the hurt that you have done (tactic of privileged bodies) than to own the fact that you play a role in making sure our society continues to be divided by race. sexuality and gender.  What they cannot comprehend is the fact that people do not have a problem with their message, it is the method.   You cannot fight for the rights of anything while employing the Master’s Tools, you only perpetuate the same kind of thinking that you claim to be fighting against. 

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