Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Polygamy is not worse than gay marriage, it is better

It seems that Mary Gallagher the force behind the National Organization for Marriage has held negative views on gay marriage for quite some time.  In The Stakes authored for  the National Review she states:

Polygamy is not worse than gay marriage, it is better. At least polygamy, for all its ugly defects, is an attempt to secure stable mother-father families for children.

image Stable relationships…Right children get to grow up watching their father marry successively younger women under the guise of religion while they await their turn to be abused.   “These problems” that she so casually refers to are far from minor.  Perhaps she finds it acceptable that the lost boys are regularly thrown out of these FLDS camps because the older men don’t want any competition for the underage girls that they plan to force into illegal marriages and then sexually assault.  Here is a news flash Ms Gallagher, a 15 year old girl cannot consent to sex with a 50 year old man regardless of how “celestial these marriages” are;  there is a little thing known as a power differential between them.

So eager are these right wing fundies to attack consensual relationships between loving ADULT lesbians and gays that they are willing to support something as perverse as the kind of polygamy practiced by the FLDS.  There is a difference image between real life and Hollywood Ms. Gallagher; therefore polygamy is not practiced as it is shown on  HBO’s Big Love.   It is based on the complete submission of women to men.  To even consider not reproducing within a marriage is a sin.  Young girls have absolutely no say on who they marry.  The education that the children residing on these compounds receive is substandard at best.  Please explain to me how a science class constitutes a complete education when it does not include evolution in favour of creative design? 

image This isn’t some quaint little historical flash back to the good ole prairie days when life was simply, this is the complete erasure of the agency of women and the purposeful abuse of children on many levels.  When these women escape, due to the fact that they have been so handicapped by a lack of education, socialization, and repeated sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, for some it takes years to even begin to adjust to life in the larger society. With their lack of education and multiple children they are often sentenced to poverty.

To compare gay marriage to this travesty is disgusting and dishonest.  Gays and lesbians in an equal relationship, are the complete opposite of the kind of couplings that traditionally happen in the FLDS community.  I cannot believe that this woman would support the abuse that happens to women and children because it occurs in  heterosexual pairings. Penis plus vagina is not an automatic  good; this is not a healthy life for anyone to lead.  The desire to privilege heterosexuality seems to have no end ,even when presented with clearly unhealthy manifestations.   These fundies routinely lie and twist facts and yet they have the nerve to declare gays and lesbians a perversion.   This is privilege and denial on overload.  When we listen to women like her pontificate what we must remember is that for her morality is about preserving our dissonance in worth and value and not about understanding that all people are equal.

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