Sunday, April 26, 2009

Silly Human You Must Submit

Since Darren has become part of our household ,I spend quite a bit of time trying to protect him from my high energy boys.  It seems just when he falls asleep, they decide he needs attention.  Often when bedtime comes, I know that Darren and I are both breathing a sigh of relief that we survived another day intact.  The boys always ask why Darren is always curled around me.  I have tried to explain that they disturb the traditional cat /human relationship with their activity.  Cats usually set the terms of all relationship however, Darren has not been able to wield the standard feline power in this household.

Since it is Sunday and a day of relaxation, I thought I would share with you some of Destructions latest pics of our poor stressed out kitty.  




I have to say, I may not have started out a “cat person” but his ability to survive my boys and never once bare a claw, or get ill tempered has won him a place in my heart.  If nothing else I have an ally in the house who craves sanity just like myself.

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