Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your Brain On Whiteness


Yes I am going to once again talk about whiteness.  I do so not because I have an obsession with it but because whiteness has a tendency to dominate most conversations even when the subject matter is clearly about the oppressions faced by people of color.   Whiteness continually centers itself in the debate through either attempting to relate when their is no causality or pointing out the various ways in which it also experiences oppression….Gee really…who woulda thunk it?

Yesterday I wrote about the Lennon song Woman is the Nigger of the World.  In response, I got back but white wimminez experience sexism too.  Really, no shit Sherlock?   With all of the work that feminism has done to convince the world that white, middle class women, are oppressed by men somehow I missed it.  You see, their oppression should some how take precedence over the fact that women of color are completely erased, ‘cause the white wimminez are suffering and since they constitute legitimate womanhood this travesty cannot be ignored.

Each act of erasure constitutes racism in the same way that using a racial epithet marks one as a bigot.  Using WOC as anecdotal evidence of sexism is also a racist act but to hear white people tell it they are “being inclusive”.   Uh huh ‘cause race can only be understood through the lens of whiteness and the ways in which bodies of color understand the isms is completely irrelevant to the world unless of course we have the nerve to critique whiteness, then suddenly what we have to say matters because whiteness is understood to be above critique. 

To not include whiteness is deemed racist even though it is represented in every single social institution.   Of course, whiteness can only receive the most glowing of reviews otherwise we are displaying hatred.  I sho nuff knows how hard you has it Missy Anne and I’s grateful for the opportunity to serves.  Can I’s get ya sumthin make your days a bit easier?  Ya knows I just loves me some white folks.  Shuckin and Jiving is how whiteness loves its coloreds an  I sho nuff aims ta please.

Discipline, censure, erasure and silence, these are the most common tactics engaged in by whiteness even in spaces dedicated to discussing race critically.  The responsibility of holding up the race hierarchy can never be neglected.  It is the burden that all who are born white must carry with them throughout their lives and only angry POC cannot see the suffering that this entails.  How can we possibly relate to the trials that come with that?  The daily “othering” that we receive can only be understood as secondary in comparison to the trials and tribulations of whiteness…can I get a Hallelujah?…mmmm how about an Amen?

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