Friday, May 1, 2009

Donna Barstow: Racist Pearl Clutcher

image I do believe that Ms. Barstow has been polishing her pearls.  In any earlier post I wrote about the racism and western privilege that she engaged in, in  her decidedly racist cartoon depicting Mexico.  After reading her whining commentary and e-mail, though it was clear that her issue was the criticism and not with the copyright, I decided to remove the image.

I did make it clear that due to the scurrilous nature of her work that it has been replicated across the blogosphere.  It really is hard to ignore such obvious noxious content if you are a politically aware blogger.   She repeated her threats at several sites and with the exception of Womanist Musings, all refused to remove her work citing fair use.

It seems that peddling racist images is Ms. Barstow’s stock and trade.  Is it any wonder you ended up with a terrible contract considering  the calibre of your work. Had it been printed on paper, I would not even line my kitty litter box with such obvious nonsense; my beautiful Darren deserves better than that.

After reading commentary at Alas regarding Ms. Barstows complaints I am even more convinced that the issue is that her work was labelled racist.  If you don’t want to be called out on racism the simple solution is to stop being racist.

I understand that tooting around the world with white privilege means that you have learned to take many things for granted however, you new age Missy Anne, times have changed and you will just have to learn to wear a cream sheet publicly and save your gleaming bleach white sheet for your family and friends to adore.

I am sure you have much support for what you do with David Duke crowd however the same right that enables your offensive speech allows me to critique it.  That you feel the need to characterize legitimate criticism as hate mail speaks the limitations of the validity of your work.

In two example of your work you chose to play upon racist characterizations of Mexicans and Blacks.  Gee, how can anyone think for one moment that a white woman (that would be you) steeped in a racist culture, could honestly be unaware of the message that she was sending?  Your actions were purposeful Ms. Barstow and each day whiteness commits such acts to maintain our dissonance in worth and value.  The only thing I am surprised by is that you expected your activities to be above reproach.  Ooops silly me isn’t that the usual ploy of whiteness; the ability to believe that it is immune from criticism? 

Though I have already given you more attention than you deserve I want you to be aware that each time your name appears in this blog post you will find a link.  It is there because in your last commentary you complained about a lack of recognition.  After careful thought I realized that linking to you is a good thing because all who come across your little drawings should see them for exactly what they are; the racist scratches of a woman so steeped in white privilege that she believes herself above criticism. 

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