Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Michelle Obama Chats With Elmo On Sesame Street

Since Elmo and Michelle Obama are two of my favourite people I simply had to post the video.

Transcript  is below the fold.

Elmo: Oh hi Elmo is really excited because Elmo is visiting today with the first lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: Hi everyone

Elmo: What does Mrs. Obama want to do today on Sesame Street?

Michelle Obama: Well, I’d like to have a healthy lunch at Hoopers store.

Elmo: Mrs. Obama wants a healthy lunch then Elmo wants a healthy lunch to.

Michelle Obama: Then maybe I’ll rest over on the park bench and read a book.

Elmo: If Mrs. Obama wants to rest and read then Elm will rest and too.

Michelle Obama:  First I want to get some exercise so I’m going to take a walk around sesame street.

Elmo: If Mrs.Obama wants to exercise then Elmo wants to exercise to. Yeah exercise

Michelle Obama: If you want your child to have healthy habits practice healthy habits to because you are your child's best role model.

Elmo: Oh come on Mrs. Obama come on, come on,  come on, come on

Michelle Obama: Okay

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