Tuesday, May 19, 2009

National Organization For Marriage Goes After Same Gender Marriage Again: House Bill 436

Grandma, my teacher says if grandpa was a girl, it's okay, you can still be married.

If we change the definition of marriage...

God created Adam and Eve? That's so old-fashioned.

...our kids will be taught a new way of thinking.

He should have created Ann and Eve.

If my dad married a man, who would be my mom?

I'm confused.

Marriage is between a man and woman. Call Governor Lynch today and ask him to
protect marriage, by not supporting House bill 436.

Well it seems as though the homophobic bigots from the National Organization For Marriage (yes the gathering storm cloud people) cannot stop pushing teh gays hurt the kids message.  They are absolutely right when they point out that the kids will be taught a new way of thinking but what they neglect to mention is that it is a good thing. 

It is ridiculous to suggest that a class of people should  be denied rights because some parents are to embarrassed or ignorant to talk to their children about gender fluidity or sexuality…If your kid is confused it is because you didn’t take the time to sit down and be open and honest with them further more there would be no need for confusion of they weren’t steeped in a heterosexist society to begin with. Geesh where the hell do these people come from to begin with? When Focus on the Family disassociates itself from you, clearly you are working at a brand new level of batshit crazy.

H/T The Bilerico Project.

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