Sunday Shame: 80’s Version

I was in conversation with a girlfriend yesterday and we started talking about the 80’s.  It is hard to ignore the fact that skinny jeans and big hair are back.  If you haven’t already, now would probably be a good time to buy some stock in a hair spray company… I am sure you remember how much of it that it takes to maintain those gravity defying doos.

At any rate we started talking about things we loved and I admitted to my love for…….


Say it with me…I PITY THE FOOL.

I know that the 80’s were a decade filled with pure ridiculousness but hey that was my childhood.   I am nostalgic for the worm, the robot, leg warmers, sweaters and stirup pants.  I cannot say that I would turn my back on a pair of deck shoes if I saw them for sale. You know, I think for the right price I might even purchase the cabbage patch kid I never received as a child.  Yesterday I learned that Mr.T had his own cabbage patch doll….yeah I know but I want it anyway. The 80’s weren’t about making any sense and that is obvious by the bad crush that I had….. Before you go all snarky remember back in the day he was considered hot as hell.  In fact a sweaty t-shirt of his was auctioned off for 25K for charity.  To this day I still remember all the lyrics to his one and only song…..


So there, I have shared with you my bad 80’s sins.  I know I cannot be alone with my love of the big hair decade….so spill it….


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