Drop It Like It’s Hot

Hello everyone.  Thanks for another great week of discussion.  We cannot always agree on all subjects but if we are conversing there is always room for change and growth.   As always, I want to remind everyone to try and be respectful of each other.  I want this to be a safe space for all and this cannot happen if people engage in racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ageism or ableism.  The number one rule of this blog is that ALL PEOPLE MATTER and I hope that we will all remember that as we continue our conversations.

I also want to remind everyone that Womanist Musings has an open guest posting policy.  If there is an issue you are passionate about don’t be shy to send me an e-mail with either an original or a cross post. I am not an expert on all issues and the best way to broaden the conversations here is if we all contribute. 

Below you will find links to posts that I found interesting.  Please show these bloggers some love and check them out.  When you are done, don’t forget to drop it like it’s hot and leave your link behind in the comment section.

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