Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parents Teach Child That Hitler Was A Good Man

There are various ways in which a parent can damage a child permanently,  however teaching a child racism is rarely to never acknowledged for the child abuse that it is.  This post is a continuation on the case of a Winnipeg mother who had her child removed by CFS after sending her to school with a swastika on her arm.

According to the CBC, a tape was played of the testimony of the eight year girl at the center of the controversy.  

The girl showed the detective both her arms, which were covered in white supremacist markings from above her elbows down to her wrists. She told police the swastika, to her, was a sun wheel that represented peace and love, but she knew others saw it as a symbol of hate.

She said she also knew that the H.H. drawn on her arm meant "Heil Hitler."

When the detective asked what her parents thought of Hitler, she said they think he's a good man "for killing lots of people that didn’t belong there." (emphasis mine)

It is one thing for her parents to hold those views but to pass them on to a child is reprehensible.  What this says is that if someone is different from you in any way that it is perfectly justifiable to kill them.  Millions died in the holocaust and it is one of the worlds most tragic events.  To celebrate this takes some form of sickness.  This certainly goes beyond any denial of white privilege; this is the active teaching of hate and violence.

The detectives asked her about what her parents thought about ethnic minorities. She said her parents thought "they should be killed or go back to their country."

Asked if she believed the same, the girl said: "Not kill, but they should go back to their country."

She also told police that "some people from Pakistan carry AIDS and they could kill you. Pakistan people have AIDS." (emphasis mine)

This child’s head is so riddled with nonsense, that she does not realize that unless you are directly of Indigenous descent, every person living in Canada is not in their “original home”.  Whiteness does not have a right to land simply because it colonized it through the near destruction of a people. 

Not only are her parents teaching her to hate people of color, they are also teaching her a fear based ignorance.  The idea that people of Pakistani descent are more likely to have AIDS is ridiculous.   In this case it is about more than the scientific facts regarding the percentage of the population that is infected.  Behind the mendacious meme regarding infection is  the idea that people of color are dirty and foul.   This is a message that has long been part of the social discourse of white supremacy to justify its undeserved right to lead.

Though she has been able to separate herself to some degree from her parents beliefs, it is clear that a complete demarcation is yet beyond her.  Even if she were to stay at this level of indoctrination, clearly these kinds of beliefs are damaging in a multi-racial society such as Canada.  How much more perverted will her thought process become is she remains in the custody of her parents? For her to hold such nonsense beliefs about race means that one has deny scientific and social facts.  This is not simply a case of teaching a child a religion or a political stance, this is outright hatred and ignorance.

When children are born into this world we have a communal responsibility to ensure that they are protected and receive a proper education both in the home and the school system.  Her parents have clearly abdicated their duties and therefore we as a society must step in to ensure that these children are not harmed any further.  It is not  far step from teaching a child that Hitler was a hero, to encouraging said child to take violent actions against people of color. 

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