Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping For A Birthday Gift? Consider Having Your Vagina Re-Tooled

image When most people consider birthday presents for their partners, they think about their likes and dislikes.  Perhaps your guy is really into hockey (like mine) and would really appreciate Toronto Maple Leafs tickets.  Some might consider that such a gift is superficial, after all we are talking about the “main man” in your life.  If you did not “save” your virginity for your phallic lord and leader, perhaps after years of being slut shamed for daring to be a sexual being, you can finally rectify your lack of purity.

A woman identified as Natalia K., decided to give her husband the one gift that she had denied him through her pervious whorish behaviour – a vagina that would satisfy his desire for conquest.  For his birthday she had a hymenoplasty operation.  Nothing says I love you like having  anaesthesia (which has its own risks) and then submitting to an unnecessary surgery so that you can experience painful sex.  Forget all the lessons you learned from Dr.Ruth about sex being a pleasure experience based in sharing, your man needs to feel like he is king of the mountaintop. 

Of course Natalia reported that her husband loved it.  What self respecting internalizer of patriarchal values would deny that his spouses goodies are not up image to standard.  All women exist in a constant state of imperfection.   Despite all of the rhetoric you hear about penis size, you don’t see story after story of men lining up to get their penises elongated or made thicker to please their spouses, even though such surgeries do exist.  The great phallus must always be projected as the great satisfier of women.  Only a slutty woman would dare to openly complain that her husbands dick did not bring her ooodles of joy.  In fact in porn movies just the sight of an erect penis is often enough to set women off into melodic chants and moans.  Never can we dare to ask if it does tricks, as the male ego is far to sensitive to take any kind of genital teasing.

What else is a vagina for if not to reinforce the power and the capabilities of a penis? It certainly cannot be about giving the owner a positive sexual experience because everyone knows that good girls don’t like sex, we reluctantly submit to it.  

Women like Natalia K., are colluders of the worst kind.  She had this procedure done 6 times.  Even when she was told that she was risking injury on the final hymnoplasty, she went ahead with it.  The doctors feared for her weakened immune system and now she is in intensive care. Heaven forbid her husband spend a birthday without the feeling of tearing her vagina with his magnificent penis.

image The doctors that are performing these surgeries are just as guilty as the women who are having them performed.  It is one thing to submit to such a procedure when the lack of virginity might constitute death or some form of violence, but totally another to “please your man.”   These doctors are profiting from patriarchal values that cause pain to their patients, yet the lure of the almighty dollar outweighs any oath that they took to do no harm.  These surgeries are nothing more than a westernized version of FGM.   When we speak as though there is no need for womanism/feminism, surgeries like this serve as a stark reminder that the value of a woman is still placed squarely on her ability to please a man.