Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stealing From The Disabled For A Buck

A few weeks ago I brought home my scooter and it opened up the world to me again.  Unless you have experienced a time of impaired mobility you cannot possibly understand the frustration of not being able to complete the most simple tasks because your body refuses to cooperate with you.  The day I brought my beautiful red scooter home the world was open to me once again.

When I read about the theft of Gaile Kelly’s scooter I empathized immediately with her pain.  Kelly is 54 years old and suffers from spina bifida.  She also has a broken leg.  The 17 year old scooter that she had tied outside her tiny apartment was her only means of transportation.  Her scooter was worth only 500 dollars in cash, however because it was the only way she could get around town it was priceless. 

image I know that times are tough for everyone however you have to be a special kind of low to steal someone's scooter.  If you steal a car at least the owner can use their two legs and get on a bus but when you steal someone’s scooter your are literally imprisoning them in their home.  When I bought my scooter I was warned about the high theft rate and now I am sad to see how right the salesman was.

To whoever committed this crime, please rethink what you have done and return Kellies scooter.  She is not eligible for a new one for another year and whatever your material needs may be, they certainly cannot outweigh forcing a woman to withdraw from the world for such a great length of time.

When I read about this theft, I wanted so much to help.  Unfortunately all I can do is offer my solace and to publicize what happened to her. It makes me so sad to  know that we care so little for each other that a crime like this is even possible.  It is my hope that the police will find her scooter or that someone will donate the funds for her to be able to get a new one.  Life without your mobility is a difficult thing and I know this first hand.