Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gay Parents Are Inconsistent With Catholic Teaching

image A charity that is partially funded by the Catholic Church has come out in favour of gay parents.   Terry Prendergast of Marriage Care said, “that same-sex families, along with single and cohabiting parents, suffered discrimination and denigration because they fell short of the Vatican's definition of what constituted a real family.”

What he and his charity have come to realize, is that what children need most are adults who love them and are willing to invest the time and energy into raising them to be responsible members of society.  It is far better to have a chid raised in a loving same sex household, than suffer under state care.  Even in the fifties, the traditional family was not what we think it was and therefore; the idea that it must consist of a man and a woman to be successful is ridiculous. 

Pastoral response

In a statement, the organisation acknowledged that although it was difficult to define what a family was, the Church still believed that stability for children came from having parents of opposite genders who could provide different role models.

They said it was "inconsistent with Catholic teaching to plan or promote a notion of family from which (these elements) .... are deliberately excluded."

I love the logic that children only pick up gender role models from their parents.  For this to be true, they would have to avoid watching television, attending church, participating in extra curricular activities, or attending school.  Yep, if they don’t have a parent of the opposite sex, they will never see one in the social world to model the so-called appropriate gender roles.

Further to the point, who says that the gender roles that we have constructed are necessarily appropriate for everyone.  Boys are taught not to show emotion, and encouraged to be aggressive.  Girls are taught to be passive homemakers, willing to sacrifice their personal interests at all times if it benefits a man.  Girls are taught that their bodies are to be sexually available and that they are worth less than men.  How are these so-called natural gender roles that the Church is trying to enforce beneficial?

Performing gender is among the least important things that a parent will teach a child.  How about being concerned if the child recognizes their privileges and is committed to treating all people that they interact with, with respect?  How about teaching that child a good work ethic so that they will be able to participate in the social world?  How about teaching said child about the beauty of life and never taking a single moment for granted? Of course not, the Church is more concerned that only the appropriate genitals are interacting.

These so-called men of God, cannot see that their position is an affront to the idea of a loving deity.  A same sex family is just as beautiful as any other form of family unit because it is based in love.  More than anything the world needs to celebrate love and we spend far too much time focusing on difference based in ignorance and hatred.  Just as ignorance and hatred can consume you , love will fill your life with joy and bliss.

Editors Note: I have removed the biblical passage as it has been revealed in comments that the interpretation that I have understood to be correct is wrong.