Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kiss In At The Mormon Temple

Two gay men were taking an innocent walk home when they paused to embrace one another.  A small peck on the cheek was exchanged and the Mormons went batshit crazy.  It seems that an expression of love and caring is enough to get their extra set of super duper under pants in a bunch.  The men ended up in handcuffs and one reported that he experiences bruising.  I wonder how the LDS get their groove on when a kiss is deemed inappropriate.  Yep, not a lay I would want to participate in.

Gotta say I love the response from the GLBT community.

I know I have said this on many occasions but I will NEVER, EVER understand how people can be against love.  Love is the most wonderful thing that any human being can experience.  When I put my head on the unhusbands shoulder and he wraps his arms around me, I know that I am home and no one should ever be denied so a wonderful feeling.  I guess for the Mormons love has to come racist, sexist Brigham Young style with multiple wives to matter.  I don’t have a same sex partner to kiss but I’d love to wear a rainbow shirt through their little square of bigotry.  Happy kissing GLBT community and don’t let anyone ever tell you that love in a world filled with hate and intolerance is a bad thing.