Friday, July 24, 2009

Perhaps Silverton Is Not Completely Accepting Of Their Trans Mayor

image Stu Rasmussen was elected Americas first trans mayor last November.   He identifies as mostly “a heterosexual male, who happens to like looking like a female” however; a man wearing a dress with large breast implants is clearly not presenting gender in the way that American culture has normalized.   In many towns, cities, and states, Stu would be subject to harassment and even violence for his choice to alter his body. 

Though residents willingness to put aside their cisgender privilege and elect him offered a ray of hope to all of those who long for the day when the trans community will be as normalized as any other sector.  Rasmussen was born and raised in Silverton and has been an elected official there for twenty years.

image It seems that Silverton has reached its tolerance limit.  A woman has filed a complaint with the city council charging that Rasmussen’s dress at a youth training leadership meeting event was inappropriate and in direct violation of city by-laws. To the right is the outfit in question.  The temperature was ninety degrees on the day in question and the room had no air conditioning.

Ken Hector, Rasmussen’s  opponent in the last election commented to CNN, “I just think in a business setting, that’s inappropriate. Period. Without or without a dress code I don’t think that that’s an appropriate business attire.  If we had a problem with his lifestyle, why would we have invited him in here?  His lifestyle is no secret.  We see him everyday and as I said earlier it is not the lifestyle I would adopt for myself but I support his right to that lifestyle.”

Silverton Together Now manager Brenda Sturdevant filed the complaint alleging the city dress code was violated when Rasmussen wore "high heels, a very short skirt and some sort of halter top revealing much of his bosom, shoulders and back" to the meeting of the Apple tree group.

"There was a lot of skin showing," Sturdevant said. "I tried to call him (afterward) and he never called me back."

“The youth were very respectful, but their faces looked shocked and many of their mouths were dropped,” Sturdevant said in the complaint.

How many are shocked by the so-called damage to the children routine.  I suppose now their lives will be ruined and they will be destined to a life on drugs, homelessness and general malfeasance.  Wow, I’m amazed that the image of all that trans skin did not permanently blind the poor little dears. Perhaps Rasmussen should wear a shroud when he leaves his home so as to not damage innocent passers by.

Those complaining the loudest are hardly neutral.  When you run against him and lose by a fairly decent margin, your opinions on his dress are not without bias. When you throw around the word lifestyle, clearly the issue is not really how short his skirt is but how limited your mind is.  What Rasmussen chose to wear may not have been the most professional choice, but considering he was going to be locked in a room with no air conditioning, and multiple people, on a ninety degree day; it certainly reflected the conditions under which he was being forced to work.  The days of corsets and layers of clothing leading to women (or in the case of Stu, men) fainting are far behind us.

If Rasmussen conducted himself in a professional manner, I see no reason to attempt to remove him from his position.   To me, this simply seems like a lot of trans hate bingo..i.e the suffering children and the “life style choice”.  Don’t people have more to concern themselves with than what the mayor wears?  From the tone of the conversation one would have thought the man appeared in a thong and a bright pink bra.  Really conservatives and trans haters, climb back under the rock that you came from and allow people to get on with the business of living.