Friday, July 10, 2009

Something Creamy In A Can For Anderson Cooper

I simply had to share this video.  I discovered this  over at Shakesville and if it does not make you want to go out and buy a can of whipped cream, nothing will.  It seems that Anderson was filling in for Regis when he got his fill.  Yeah double meaning there but go with it..

Transcript provided by Liss at Shakesville

[Transcript starting at 1:45]
Kristin Van Ogtrop: And so finally we have an ice cream pie.
Anderson Cooper: Mmmmmmmm...cream pie.
Van Ogtrop: Now, you can use a couple of crusts; this is the easiest one, which is, um, you know, just your cookie dough, your cookie crust.
Kelly Ripa: [to Cooper] I know. [inaudible; grabs can of whipped cream and squirts a shot directly in mouth]
Cooper: Oh my god! Wow! [audience laughter and applause] Wow!
Van Ogtrop: You start with that. You do that first.
Ripa: [shimmies at Cooper] Dance with me right now.
Cooper: [giggles] Wow. [reaches for can]
Van Ogtrop: And so, you know, what you want to do is, you want the ice cream to melt a little bit more, obviously, than this...
Ripa: Right. Well.
[In background, Cooper is intently investigating the can of whipped cream.]
Van Ogtrop: And you spread it out, right?
Ripa: Yes.
Van Ogtrop: And you spray it—Anderson, you could do a little cream on top here.
Cooper: Sorry, I'm—
Ripa: Anderson, please, make that pretty.
[Cooper turns can upside down and tries to squeeze it; looks at Ripa helplessly and confusedly when nothing comes out]
Van Ogtrop: Oh, come on! [gently takes can from him]
Ripa: Are you serious? Did you not have a childhood at all?
Cooper: [laughing] No!
[crosstalk; Van Ogtrop explains how the can works to Cooper]
Ripa: At Studio 54, they never had any Cool Whip.
[Cooper sprays an enormous amount of whipped cream onto the top of the ice cream; then tries to squirt a shot in his mouth, but gets nothing but air; he looks dejected; laughter]
Van Ogtrop: No, you gotta— [mimes shaking]
Ripa: [grabs can] Put your head back.
Cooper: Oh! Now I'm huffing!
[Ripa shakes can and then squirts a shot into Cooper's mouth; audience laughs and applauds; Ripa takes another shot]
Cooper: Wow. That is really good! [takes another long shot; stands back with cheeks puffed full of whipped cream while Ripa ends the segment]