Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Shame: I Just Jizzed In My Pants

As many of you know, the unhusband and I have been together for a very long time.  When it comes to pop culture we have completely different ideas of what is funny.  This week he subjected me to the following misogynistic nonsense.

I hated it after the first five seconds….when I checked with my feminist girlfriend to affirm that this little video was absolute shit, imagine my surprise when she happily embraced it.  As vile as the family guy is, I can get why people are into it, but this….. then believe it or not, she topped it of by directing me to another bit of nonsense.

Okay, what the hell is wrong with you people?  Seriously…damn. I know that music and comedy have gone downhill but really. I don’t even think I have a personal shame as low as this one.  Fess up people, who is supporting this nonsense and while you’re at it, own up the other ridiculous pop culture parodies/commentaries  that you find amusing. 

Editors Note: The following has been elevated from the comments section for the pure gross ridiculousness of it.