Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Shame: When I Am Alone Edition

image I was fishing around for a topic for this weeks Sunday Shame, when a friend suggested fessing up to things that we do when we are alone, that are understood to be  socially unacceptable.  I thought about it and figured it would be kind of boring, until he verbally gave me his confession….LMH confessed that he bites his toe nails.

I have never for the record bitten my toe nails.  Even if I were so inclined, I am not that flexible sober.   Needless to say my stomach absolutely turned.  It actually reminded me of a former music teacher of mine who used to collect his ear wax. I sat there and tossed and turned and must admit that I cannot top that bit of grossness, though I am sure that some of you can. 

image The worst I can admit to at this point is screaming Free Willly after taking off my bra on a hot day.  I will then proceed to stand in front of the fan lift my breasts and take advantage of the breeze.  On a hot day it is heaven and I don’t care how weird it looks.  The “girls” just do not like the heat.

You now have two weird confessions to play off of and it is your turn to share.  What secret practice do you have when you know no one is looking?  Let your shame fly in the comment section, and remember you can always leave your comment anonymously should you be overwhelmed with shame.