Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vulva Jewellery Failure


Like most other womanist/feminist I am all in favour of claiming the vagina as a positive body part.  Many of the constructions we have that about the vagina construct it is as dirty, or uncontrollable.  

I must admit that I was curious when I saw the Vulva Portrait Pendant for sale on Etsy, however something about this feels wrong.  Each vagina is custom made from a photograph or a description and yet somehow it does not seem personalized.  It seems instead like a collection of disembodied body parts.

The media has a penchant of reducing women to parts and somehow this “vagina jewellery” seems to convey the same message.  There is more to being a woman than having a vagina and some women don’t even possess them.  It is one thing to refute the social memes that are aimed at the vagina to reduce women and it is completely another to display disembodied vaginas as a supposed symbol of self acceptance.  Womanhood is not contained in a vagina; it is in the very fabric of our being.