Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Shame: Chick Flick Edition

I know that there are some womanists/feminists, whose skin began crawling the minute they read the title of this post.  We may not like the term “chick flick,” but let’s be honest about the fact that there are some movies that women seem to enjoy.  It may be for all the wrong reasons, but “chick flicks” have their place in our social lexicon.

I was chatting with everyone’s favourite Gus, Allison McCarthy, when the subject turned to movies.  Much to my horror she revealed her love of the movie Titanic (isn’t she a great muse, all hail the queen of the Sunday Shame).  When I went to see the movie in the theatre, the woman sitting next to me was crying BEFORE the opening theme even started….Good freaking grief.

image Okay, I’ll say it, I don’t get it.  You knew how the movie was going to end BEFORE it started and the romance was the most contrived coupling I have ever seen.  Oh look, star struck lovers on a boat that is destined to crash, someone hand me a box of kleenex, my ovaries are demanding that I cry.

Ms. McCarthy tried to justify her love of this nonsense behind the amount of awards this movie won and I say the academy knew damn well that this was probably their only chance to give James Cameron an award.  Really, would academy history have been the same had he not yelled, “top of the world ma?”

I think that this movie was embraced because of the tragic history of the Titanic and not because the movie itself was particularly moving, despite being understood as the “chick flick” of the decade.  Look, I think we can do better…if we have to go with chick flicks, how about,  Fried Green Tomatoes, or Thelma and Louise for heavens sake, even Under The Tuscan Sun was a better movie.  Yea I said it, liking Titanic and mooning over that ridiculously over played Celine Dion song, My Heart Will Go On, is SUNDAY SHAME WORTHY.

Now that I have once again laid before you Allison’s Shame, it is your turn to share.  What chick flick have you secretly cried and laughed over, though you knew it was ridiculous and contrived?  For me it is Practical Magic. image I watch it every time it comes on television and the boys know that there is no talking while it is on.  Okay, get to it…and don’t be afraid to grab your kleenex and blow your nose while you regale us with your “chick flick” of choice.