Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Shame: Coffee Denial

There was a time that I absolutely lived on coffee.  If it were possible to get it intravenously, I would have been first in line with my arm sticking out.  A pot a day would have been my minimum.   When my health issues began about three years ago, much to my horror coffee began to make me terribly ill.  After mornings of inventing my own curse words and just generally being miserable, I discovered green tea and all was good again.

image Every summer I drink Ice Caps from Tim Hortons.   It is difficult for me to go a day without it.  I was proudly commenting on how I had not had a coffee in years, when a friend ( or so she claims to be) informed me that Cap is short for cappuccino. NOOOOOOO went my cry of denial and being the sweetie that she is, she hit the Timmys website and informed me that coffee was indeed a mainstay of my beloved Ice Cap.  I hope you’re happy Ms. McCarthy, you have ruined my illusions.  I know that part of bursting my bubble is based in the fact that there is no Timmys in your neck of woods. I think though dost possess a wee bit of Cannuck envy.

Okay, so maybe it was purposeful denial but it’s not my fault, anyone will tell you that Timmys is Canadian crack.  They’re worse than pushers, with their rich coffee and locations on practically every single corner.  What is a poor addicted woman to do but live in denial about her coffee consumption?  Everyone has to have one bad habit…or in my case two or three,  but a little denial is good for the soul or  at least, that is what I try to tell myself.

Now that I have outed myself  about the supposed end of my coffee consumption, it is your turn.  What is it that you eat or drink too much of, ‘cause you love it, even though you know that it is bad for you?  This includes McDonalds Frankenstein french fries …or that emergency chocolate that you have hidden from your family; yeah I am so on to you fess the hell up.