Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Shame: EBAY Frilly Shirt Edition

Since becoming disabled, I have taken to making my clothing purchases on EBAY.  The unhusband has been great picking up the slack since I have been sick.  He does the majority of the cooking (much to the children’s horror) as well as most of the household chores.  I have learned that over looking a mess can be better than hurting myself to clean it up.

At any rate, along with taking low doses of prednisone came a huge weight gain.  I simply have to purchase a new wardrobe, as not even with a pound of butter could I squeeze into my old jeans.  The unhusband has no fashion sense and so he is the last person I want to buy me any kind of clothing.  For the most part everything I wear is pretty tame but every once and a while I do reach for the ridiculous.

imageI absolutely fell in love with the above shirt.  It was a mere thirty-one dollars USD and there was no way I was not going to win this auction.   There is something about frills that make me feel soft and feminine, so straight to paypal I went.  I was completely happy with this shirt, until a certain Gus, otherwise known as Allison McCarthy, told me I would look like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman in it.  Now is that any way to treat a friend?  I will admit that it is a wee bit frilly but isn’t it a lovely shade of blue?  Am I reaching? Come on and help a girl out.

Now I would like to know what fashion faux pas you have recently made.  That means you in back rocking the jheri curl, or the mullet fess up.  This includes wearing PJ’s out of the house or having a weak moment as I supposedly recently did with my beloved frilly shirt.