Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Shame: What’s Growing In Your Fridge?

image I would rather buy a new fridge than clean my current one.  Right now when I open the door it is shock full of stuff that is unidentifiable.   I am pretty sure that the stuff on the bottom is pasta salad but the green mush at the back is begging to be identified under a microscope.  Having two children in the house it is not uncommon to find a juice stain somewhere in there as well.

In my defence, this is not my fault alone.  I have serious issues about food waste and invariably everything goes into the fridge, on the slim chance that someone might have the good sense to eat a left over from time to time.  Destruction in particular has been known to comment that he expects fresh food on a daily basis. I am sorry for his future partner, unless of course he learns to be good  a cook.

The unhusband and I have been looking at new fridges in what I am sure is the false belief that if we only had a bigger one, it would not look like a food explosion.  I know that when we do finally settle on our new fridge, it will look wonderful for a few weeks until the food storage starts all over again and it begins to look like some school experiment run amok.

When I have company, they are welcome to roam around my house freely but the fridge is off limits.  I know that most people have a junk drawer but how many people have a junk fridge?  Even the freezer is an issue as some food looks like its been there since the ice age and how did we deal with this issue ?…by getting a big chest freezer so that we can expand upon our frozen disaster.

I need a personal organizer for my fridge.  He or she could come in with some great storage ideas maybe and whip my family into shape.  I have checked out ikea and it seems like they don’t make anything to deal with our particular issue. I guess when we hit the weird button, we hit it hard.

Your turn to share, what weirdness do you have growing or fermenting at the back of your fridge?  If you don’t share our (let’s just call it odd) food collecting dilemmas, what areas of your home have you let go absolutely to pot that you need to be rescued from?