Monday, August 31, 2009

True Blood: Frenzy

Rather than going through a scene by scene break down I thought that we would try something a little different this week.


  • image Gotta say I loved the purple fur handcuffs that Lafayette used to tie Tara up with while she was pleading to go and rescue eggs.  It is amazing the way his flare just shows up in the oddest of moments. 
  • Even though seeing Skaarsgard act menacing in a dress was odd, I am now officially convinced that the man would look sexy in anything.  I have to say, I love how nice Eric was to Arlene’s kids.  Calling them “teacup humans” and baring his fangs upon request was somehow oddly endearing.
  • Also…who knew that Eric could fly? I wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeve.
  • I found the idea of vampires sunning themselves to be absolutely hilarious. It was further hilarious how up tight Bill got when one of  the male humans offered to have sex with him.  He really needs to take a page out of Eric’s book
  • It was also awesome that Eric called out Bill on his hypocrisy.  Clearly, he did not tell Sookie that part of her attraction to him was based on her drinking his blood.  I further love the fact that Eric reminded Bill that Sookie drank his blood on the first time they met. I cannot wait until Sookie starts to put two and two together on that one.


  • Gotta say that I like the Queen.  Her informing Bill that he should just fuck Eric and get over it, that was priceless.  It was just the kind of thing to mess with his Victorian sensibilities.
  • Even though he learned about it in a truly mean way, finding out the truth about his father was truly good for Hoyt.  His mother will never again be able to use him like wedge to hurt him with after this.
  • The explanation as to how Marianne became eternal was interesting.  I further loved when the Queen had to explain to Bill about evolution.


  • Please explain why Sookie would throw Tara her keys only to then endanger her self to save her….Yeah that made zero sense.
  • The phrase cock block used by Jason to Andy
  • Jason admitting that he kept having sex with a woman after she passed out and justifying it was truly disgusting.  Yeah, it’s no secret I hate this character.
  • Listening to the corner tell Sookie that it was unnatural for Bill to put his dead pecker inside her.  There always seems to be time to slut shame.
  • Andy and Jason playing white man’s burden as they were preparing to go into battle just grated on my last nerve.  Of course Jason had to suggest that Andy was jealous because of how much pussy he gets. 


  • What the hell is up with egg in the middle of the bed?

I suspect that Marianne is going to meet her defeat in the last episode and I predict some kind of mini showdown between Eric and Bill in the plight to save Sookie.  It has not left my mind, that the judgement card that Lafyette revealed to Tara a few episodes ago when he was reading her future, has yet to manifest itself.  Finally, I am sure that the bumbling Andy and Jason will somehow manage to make themselves marginally useful while managing not to get killed. 

Can you believe we have to wait to weeks to find out what happens?  No fair, HBO…..True Blood fans of the world, rebel and unite.hahaha okay, seriously what did you think of this episode?