Monday, August 17, 2009

True Blood: I Will Rise Up

Spoilers Ahead, You have been warned

 image Last nights episode opens with Bill once again rushing to save Sookie after the bomb explodes.  She is lying beneath Eric, who shielded her from the blast.  We all knew she was never in any real danger of dying.  What would the writers do without their damsel in distress/ occasionally empowered woman?  Eric being the sly vampire that he is, convinces Sookie to drink his blood.  This means that there will always be a connection between the two of them.  This does not make Bill in the least bit pleased and Sookie is horrified by the prospect.  She learns that not only will he be aware of her emotions but that she will experience sexual desire for him.  To me, this plays as an extreme violation and so much more than artful trickery.

Like many of you, I was very disturbed by the way the writers treated Jessica’s eternal “virginity” in the show.  This week, I was much relieved to see Hoyt redeem himself, by pointing out that there are various kinds of sex, that they can engage in. He further improved my view of him by stating, “that thing that grows back is just a thing. I ain’t perfect either .  I’m the guy that everyone laugh at even my friends.” There is far too much concentration in our culture on the hymen as a symbol of purity.  Virginity is often constructed in an heterosexist anti woman fashion.  The point of sex is not the insertion of a penis in a vagina but in both partners being sexually satisfied.

image Marianne continues to be simply evil.  As Tara remarks on the bruises that are result of Marianne using her and Eggs as play things, she remarks, “I have a little theory about blacking out maybe you rose to a higher plane? Look at you, a few bumps and bruises; that's a small price to pay for bliss.”  Tara is clearly troubled by her explanation but has yet to put two and two together.

Sookie and Jason have a heartfelt chat in which he explains that people don’t really like him. “They like my athletics my good looks and sex abilities but they don’t like me for me.”  He goes on to wish that Sookie had a “normal boyfriend” and that ‘she would cook for him more often”. Nothing like a nicely domesticated sister, to make a southern man happy. Sookie and Jason promise to be good to each other and thankfully, that is the last we see of Jason for this episode.  It seems that I did not get my wish of him dying in the bomb but perhaps, they can find another way to get rid of this irritating character.

image Tara and Eggs show up to the bar at which time Lafayette notices the bruises on his cousin and immediately accuses Eggs of beating Tara.  I really liked this scene because it affirmed that violence against women is wrong.  Eggs tells Lafayette to take the eyelashes out of his eyes and throws the first punch.  This is meant to suggest that because of his appearance, that Lafayette is not suitably masculine.  Though there are issues with Lafayette’s character, I love the fact that he is a confident gay man, that displays multiple emotions and is not stereotypically effeminate.

image Just as Bill predicted, Sookie has a dream of her and Eric in bed together. (editors drool: I always though Eric had a nice body, but hot damn). As they kiss, a spectre appears to question Sookies devotion to Bill. Eric tells her,  “You have the right temperament for a vampire..blood thirsty. You are ruthless when it comes to the people you love your brother, friends, me.”  She awakes suddenly and reaches for Bill.  Though Sookie has always been disgusted by Eric, I believe that there has always been an undercurrent between them of sexual tension.

Marianne is frustrated in her attempts to ensnare Sam.  When she goes to the prison believing that she has finally got him trapped, he turns himself into a fly and escapes.  Stymied in her wishes, she releases the town citizens that she has turned into mindless zombies. 

image Just as I was getting into the above scene we are taken to the faithful meeting between Hoyt’s mother and Jessica.  It is clear from the very beginning that she has no intention of accepting Jessica into her family.  To her credit, Jessica defends herself saying, "I can give him everything that a human could,” to which Hoyt’s mother responds, “Not hardly. You can’t give him babies.”  This scene in particular, was very problematic.  The value of a woman should never be determined by her ability to procreate.  This turns us into nothing but walking wombs and subjects us to our biology.  There are plenty of women that are infertile and that does not mean that they do not have purpose and add wonderful things to this world.  Jessica leaves crying and Hoyt follows vowing not to return home.

Tara, Marianne, and Eggs, are playing cards when Lafayette and Tara’s mother break in.  After a brawl in which Tara savagely beats her mother, they escape and stuff her into the back of a car.  Marianne calls back Eggs, with the words, “Don’t worry she’ll be be back and she’ll bring them with her.”

image In what proves to be some of the most moving scenes to date, Godric resigns his territory and prepares to great the sun.  Eric valiantly tries to stop him and even vows to die by his side but is ordered back inside by Godric.  Though I love the character of Eric, crying is something that Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd should just avoid, he is absolutely terrible at it. 

In the end Sookie and Godric are left alone on the roof.  When she questions him about fear and pain he responds, “I am full of joy, I want to burn.  A human with me at the end and human tears. Two thousand years and I can still be surprised. In this I see God”.  Godric walks into the sun and we are left with a tearful Sookie.

Will Tara come to her senses now that she has escaped Marianne's diabolical clutches?  Will  Hoyt and Jessica continue to  work together and profess their love?  Will Sam be able to continue to avoid Marianne?  Finally, how will the new connection between Sookie and Eric affect her relationship with the brooding vampire Bill?   I guess we will just have to wait for next week…..