Monday, August 24, 2009

True Blood: New Word In My View

Spoilers ahead you have been warned.

image In what would be the sexist scene of the episode,  Sookie dreams of the Viking vampire Eric, as she rides back to Bon Temps with Jason and Bill.  Immediately upon arriving in town, Sookie and Jason notice that something isn’t right.  The town is trashed and people’s eyes have changed.

At the hotel Sam has to remind a still drunk Andy about Marianne and the killings that have been occurring.  In the middle of the conversation he gets a call from Arleen begging him to come to Merlotte’s  because she is scared.  She claims that they have taken Terry and that she is next.  Against his better judgement,Sam and Andy head over to rescue Arlene. 

image Back at Bill’s house, Jason calls the sheriffs office to get some information but he is greeted by only an answering machine.  Maxine makes her weird appearance and for the first time Bill, Sookie,and Jason, learn about the madness that has been going on in Bon Temps.  In typical hero fashion Jason decides that Merlott’s is his stomping ground and rushes off to defend his territory though not before being warned by Sookie to use his head. (That’s kinda like asking Forest Gump to do algebra)

 image Bill and Sookie rush over to her home to check in on Tara.  Once there, they receive a call from Lafayette who tells her that Tara is safe and that they need to leave immediately.  On cue, Marianne makes her presence known.  After a brief tussle with Sookie, Bill attacks her and attempts to drink her blood, only to find himself weak and unable to move.  Marianne once again attacks Sookie but this time a flash comes from Sookies hand which repels her.  Sookie gathers up Bill and the two make a hasty exist.  Marianne is left wondering exactly what Sookie is.  Am I the only one dying to know what new power they have given Sookie?  Back in the car on the way to Lafayette's, Sookie reveals that Marianne is the same creature that attacked her a few episodes ago.

Back at Merlott’s Sam and Andy are trapped in a freezer.  As they share a bottle of alcohol musing about their imminent demise, Jason Stackhouse comes to the rescue.  After threatening to shoot Arlene in the head with a staple gun the town residents leave Merlott’s, allowing Andy and Sam to leave the freezer.

Sookie and Bill head over to Lafayette's.  Bill is not the least bit pleased to learn upon arriving that Lafayette is selling V for  Eric. Sookie attempts to read Tara’s mind but reaches a blank.  Bill has to glamour Tara to allow Sookie to read her thoughts.  When Tara comes out of it, she hugs her mother and Lafayette.  When image Tara attempts to leave to save Eggs, she is stopped by Lafayette.  Bill and Sookie discuss the events of the night, when he recognizes the chant that Tara was saying.  He realizes that Marianne is a creature he read about long before but had thought to be imaginary.  Making Sookie promise to stay with her friends he leaves her to find the one vampire that he believes can help them.

image Back at the bar Jason, Sam and Andy decide to plan a diversion for the townspeople to save Sam.  Jason pretends to be the God that they have been waiting for, using horns and flares.  These people had to be high to buy this shit.  Sam tells Jason to smite him.  When the light turns on Sam, he disappears leaving only his clothes behind.  The townspeople are now convinced and they head off to Marianne’s.  Sam reappears naked promising to tell Jason and Andy how he pulled off the disappearing trick.

image Back at Bill’s, Jessica is being driven stark raving mad by the possessed Maxine.  As she runs down Hoyt and calls Jessica a dead tramp, Hoyt tries to calm her.  It is clear that Jessica who has not eaten in days, is not going to take it anymore and decides to make a small meal of Maxine.  Hoyt tries to intervene and finds himself thrown across the room.  Considering that Maxine is such a bad tempered woman, one would think she would not be all that appetizing.

We see Bill enter a luxurious home.  As he stands before what is clearly a female foot the screen fades to black……then of course I start to scream about being robbed because the episode ended 15 minutes early.  I am guessing that the foot belongs to the Queen vampire that we have heard so much about…..

 image If you are like me and feel that you did not get enough of the Viking hottie Eric, check out this video…..